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Pilates is for anyone and everyone. I offer classes in Aberfeldy.

If you are an athlete aiming to improve your performance, an older person hoping to improve balance and coordination, a mother wishing to regain fitness after pregnancy or anyone who would like to improve core strength, flexibility, posture and lower stress levels, then Pilates is for you. 

Alice Miller Pilates classes are mat based which means we spend most of our time on a mat! There is some standing at the beginning of the class where we work on alignment and posture and then back strengthening and flexibility exercises as well as balance work. You will be working to achieve correct postural alignment where all your muscles are the correct length and work in the correct way. 

Everyone has certain postural tendencies that they are born with then certain postural tendencies that are work or lifestyle related.  Pilates aims to make you aware of these and if they are detrimental, as they often are, teaches you how to avoid them. 

The classes are balanced to challenge your core muscles in different ways with gravity pulling in different directions.  This strengthens the deep core stabilisers which are vital for correct posture and to support your bone structure, but which are also the muscles which allow you to change your shape. You may have found you have a tummy which you can't get rid of through traditional stomach exercises such as sit ups. This is because unless you utilise the deep core stabilisers which draw everything inwards you won't ever properly flatten your stomach or narrow your waist. 

As some of the core muscles are deeper and a bit slower to respond than some of the muscles on the surface the best way to activate them is through slow, controlled, often quite simple movements. As you become more proficient you'll find you become more and more aware of these muscles and how to activate them. 

My classes are of mixed ability where we always start with the basic move and then layer progressions in. When you first start you may feel more confident just keeping to the simple version of the move and then in time add in more progressions when, or if, you feel ready. The classes are suitable for most people but if you have any specific requirements that you are worried about please either call or email for a chat.

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