​Covid Update; I'm currently teaching Pilates classes online via Zoom and & 121 sessions with appropriate social distancing rules adhered too, small groups sessions available soon.
I teach Pilates classes, Personal Training and Pilates One to One sessions from my home on Edradynate Estate. I'm also recently qualified as a Buteyko Breathing Practitioner, gaining fascinating new knowledge which I now incorporate into my teaching.  I am passionate believer in the power of Pilates to help transform both your body and your mind.  My holistic approach is based on the concept that in order to be our best self we need to nurture, listen and respond to the messages coming from our body.  Pilates realigns us with our deep core muscles and resets the connections between body and mind. In doing so it improves our balance, flexibility, strength and posture thus generally improving our mind-set and generating a feeling of wellbeing.
Pilates One to One is excellent for focusing on your individual needs.  It's also helpful (although not always necessary) to do some One to One sessions before joining a class to get even more from the class sessions.
Personal Training can help you work on improving cardiovascular fitness while incorporating the Pilates principles to get the best out of your training.
Please contact me for more information or to get started!